From the vibrant Mediterranean, to the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea and the lush volcanic islands of Indonesia, Roccabella can offer suggested routes and intricate local knowledge. 

For a truly remarkable experience, let Roccabella guide you in creating an entirely bespoke itinerary- each individual requirement will be fastidiously accounted for. 

Below are some of the top yachting destinations around the world.


Meet the Glamour on the the glittering coast known as the French Riviera is one of the most glamorous destinations in the world. This curving strip of shoreline is a heady mixture of pristine beach and majestic mountain where lush countryside meets with chic seaside towns and every square meter is soaked in the liquid gold of the Mediterranean sun.


Sweeping down from the chic Côte d’Azur to the enchanting seaside towns of Tuscany, the Italian Riviera embodies charismatic elegance and old-world glamour. Once the inspiration for some of Italy’s greatest artists, beguiled by its stunning landscapes, it now combines a heavenly cocktail of Mediterranean culture, antiquated charm and modern luxury.

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The Balearic Islands are a cruising playground for yacht charters with the main islands of Menora, Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera all boasting many hidden gems just waiting to be explored. This stunning archipelago is wonderfully diverse and with some areas only accessible by boat, the Balearic Islands make for an idyllic yacht charter vacation.

Corsica and Sardinia

The French Island of Corsica boasts rugged coastlines and astounding scenic beauty. The influences of both French and Italian cultures can be found in the cuisine, architecture and dialect making for a unique blend of class and charm entwined with sublime sandy beaches, rocky bays and mountainous natural splendour. Encompassed by emerald waters and glittering sandy beaches against a stunning backdrop of mountainous terrain, Sardinia sits like a precious stone just off the coast of Italy. This autonomous Mediterranean island is rich in culture and history and steeped in natural beauty. Famously fashionable and boasting an unique mix of designer boutiques, exclusive bars and world class restaurants, Sardinia is one of the finest destinations for a luxury yacht charter.


Croatia is a Mediterranean gem boasting many hidden treasures along the seemingly endless coastline. This glittering Mediterranean hot spot is rapidly increasing in popularity as a favoured charter destination. With hundreds of islands and a profusion of spectacular cruising opportunities, the stunning coastline of Croatia is peppered with many small ports and beautiful marinas.


This glittering archipelago of volcanic islands enchants each of its visitors with unbelievably clear waters and glistening shorelines which invite guests to wind down in a haven of sheer opulence. The Leeward Islands offer everything from splendid tropical landscapes to shimmering white beaches and provide an intoxicating combination of sunshine, fresh air and rich vegetation.


A slice of tropical perfection, the exquisite and idyllic chain of islands that form the Bahamas offer unparalleled escapism and relaxation. The decadent cocktail of sun-drenched sands, remarkably clear waters teeming with colourful marine life and landscapes of historic plantations create a picture postcard destination.


Greece and predominantly the Greek Islands continue to attract many charter visitors every year. Greece offers an abundance of charter opportunities from the ancient cities of the mainland steeped in history and natural beauty to the myriad of islands which stretch towards the Turkish coastline. Whether you’re looking for a vacation saturated in the remnants of an alluring history or to island hop between the Saronic, Ionian or Cyclades islands, Greece is boundless in charter opportunities.


From slender minarets and ancient domes that punctuate the endless violet sky, to fertile plains planted with cotton, grapes and olives, Turkey is a country that embraces its east-meets-west origins. Walk the steps of the Silk Road Traders, Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great to discover ancient ruins, dazzling harbours and vibrant cities alive with energetic street life.


Glide into the mesmerising wonderland of the French Polynesia, where the far flung islands are beautifully unspoiled, colourfully rich and oozing with indulgent relaxation. Embrace the friendly locals as you’re welcomed with a floral garland before sinking into a heavenly utopia of unparalleled natural beauty.


Encompassing a diverse mix of history and culture with stunning landscape scenery and intriguing hilltop villages, this Mediterranean Island boasts a melting pot of cultures. Although Sicily is an Italian island, it maintains a thoroughly independent sense of identity and has been profoundly influenced by a fusion of European, African and Asian cultures. This wonderfully scenic island boasts stunning natural beauty which is complemented by the warm and friendly people.