This glittering archipelago of volcanic islands enchants each of its visitors with unbelievably clear waters and glistening shorelines which invite guests to wind down in a haven of sheer opulence. The Leeward Islands offer everything from splendid tropical landscapes to shimmering white beaches and provide an intoxicating combination of sunshine, fresh air and rich vegetation.


Start your charter experience on the stunning island of Antigua.

The soft sandy beaches and almost unbroken walls of coral reefs make this an ideal start when it comes to jumping straight into the Caribbean atmosphere.After taking leave of your vessel, take a walk through the picturesque hills and mountains to get great views of the surrounding area of the Leeward Islands. While up in the mountains, make a special stop to see the highest point known as Mount Obama. Venture up the 1319 foot mountain to take some remarkable panoramic holiday snaps.Back on the ground, you can enjoy some Caribbean delicacies in the many cafes lining the harbors and watch the world famous sunset as you prepare for your first full day on your charter.


Green Island

Located only a two hour trip from Antigua, the small uninhabited destination of Green Island offers a perfect glimpse into desert island living.Paradise is never hard to find in the Caribbean and this island has everything you would look for- crystal clear turquoise waters, super soft white sandy beaches, and more palms than you can count.A sheltered bay gives you an ideal place to anchor down and enjoy your surroundings for the day. After enjoying a morning of beach combing and eating a fresh lunch, take the plunge and enjoy the cool waters around the charter. There are thousands of brightly colored fish to see as well as some beautiful coral displays.

Andraitx-Balearics-Day 3.jpg

day 3


Another day filled with unspoilt paradise, Barbuda is well known for its incredible and appropriately sequestered beaches.Travelling around the island, you will be treated to two very different types of beach environment. On one side of the island you will be surrounded by the sapphire waters of the Atlantic and lots of shells and driftwood along the sand. Cruising round to the other side, you will be treated to luxurious pink sandy beaches with the much calmer Caribbean sea lapping at the coast.While enjoying the peaceful atmosphere, keep your eyes open for sea turtles who are frequent visitors to these waters. To end the day, why not dive into the clear waters at Coco Point to enjoy the company of the many tropical fish, and perhaps collect a couple of shells to take home.



Back to civilization, the island of Nevis has everything you need for a true taste of Bahamian life.Taking a stroll through the dense rainforest setting, you’ll be able to familiarise yourself with the native flora and fauna whilst watching out for the beautiful Caribbean wildlife. After seeing the stunning tropical flowers garden,s visit the almost deserted beaches to soak up the idyllic ambience.Before leaving the island, be sure to make some pit stops around the various churches, houses, and windmills to see the exquisite architecture of times gone by.


Ile Fourchue / St Barts

To make the most of your fifth day in the Leeward Islands, head over to Ile Fourchue for some needed you time.Enjoy the peace and quiet of this deserted island while snorkelling in the nearby waters to see some incredible sea life and coral displays. After some time on the luscious beaches, continue your charter journey to the French West Indies and St Barths.One of the most popular islands in the area, St Barths has everything you could possibly want to take home from your travels. The downtown shopping area is host to many names you will already be familiar with, as well as duty free stores, boutiques, and some pretty galleries. Walking around the open air market you can also pick up some hand made souvenirs which the locals make themselves from products found on and around the island. Before returning to the charter yacht, take the time to look at the architectural artwork around you. Considered to be the picture postcard of the Leeward Islands, this will be the perfect location to take some memorable holiday snaps.


Anse Colombier

For a trip you won't forget, the island of Anse Colombier offers you idyllic scenery and amazing wildlife.Popular with charterers from across the area, this location is known to have frequent visits from tortoises, rays and dolphins.Snorkelling around the crystal clear waters, you will meet thousands of underwater creatures as well as seeing some largely untouched coral displays on the seabed. This area also has fishing advantages, so if you fancy trying some lobstering, this location has your name all over it. Once you have finished your dive the restaurants and cafes back at St Barths are waiting to receive you and show you how Caribbean locals enjoy their evenings.




Saving the best to last, your final day in the Leeward Islands can be spent on Anguilla.Unlike the other islands in the area, this location is protected by the boundaries of a National Park, which means this island is perhaps the most stunning of them all. Practically empty white sandy beaches are yours for the picking after a light lunch aboard your charter.Taking a tender over to the shore you can indulge your inner birder by watching some of the 80 species of birds who reside or migrate here. With birds constantly moving around the sanctity of the island you will be entranced by the bright colours and sounds around you before adorning your snorkelling equipment to witness the multiple coral reefs below the clear waters.