Encompassing a diverse mix of history and culture with stunning landscape scenery and intriguing hilltop villages, this Mediterranean Island boasts a melting pot of cultures. Although Sicily is an Italian island, it maintains a thoroughly independent sense of identity and has been profoundly influenced by a fusion of European, African and Asian cultures. This wonderfully scenic island boasts stunning natural beauty which is complemented by the warm and friendly people.


Palermo – Filicudi

Embark in the sun-drenched city of Palermo and set out on a leisurely cruise for the Aeolian Islands.Filicudi is a largely unspoilt island in the Aeolian Island group, peppered with charming villages and local restaurants. Take an afternoon walk in the peaceful wilderness and take advantage of the fantastic snorkelling in and around the caves along the rocky coastline.


Filicudi – Panarea

Panarea is just 3km long, and is known for its understated chic. During the day anchor near the Cala Junco beach and relax on board your luxury charter yacht. After the sun sets the island comes alive so head to Bar Del Porto for an early evening drink then on to Hotel Raya for breath-taking views and a taste of the islands lively nightlife.

Andraitx-Balearics-Day 3.jpg

day 3

Panarea – Stromboli – Panarea

Enjoy the day in Panarea or head to the tiny islet of Basiluzzo for lunch at anchor and a swim in the warm waters. As evening falls you will be anchored off Stromboli to enjoy nature’s spectacular firework show – the eruption of the active volcano on the island followed by a cruise back to Panarea for the night.


Panarea – Salina

Salina is a lush and fertile island, home to the desert wine Malvasia and famous for being the set of the film Il Postino. The island is also famous for its plump and delicious capers, so much so there is a festival in their honour at the beginning of June on the island’s Pollara beach.  Head ashore and sample some of the islands delicious local produce at one of the many restaurants.


Salina – Lipari

Lipari is the largest and most popular island in the Aeolians.Enjoy a delicious lunch at Filippino, then head to the Aeolian Archaeological Museum, packed full of treasures from antiquity, or enjoy a swim in the azure waters just off Spiaggia Bianca.


Day 6Lipari – Vulcano

Your last Aeolian Island stop is Vulcano, a barren rugged island popular for its mud baths and thermal springs.



Vulcano - Palermo

Cruise back to Palermo or nearby.Although popular with tourists, delve a little deeper and you will parts that seem to step back in time with the almost souk-like markets, and the winding narrow streets spilling out onto grand piazzas that hint at a bygone era.



Enjoy a long leisurely breakfast before disembarking at noon.