A slice of tropical perfection, the exquisite and idyllic chain of islands that form the Bahamas offer unparalleled escapism and relaxation. The decadent cocktail of sun-drenched sands, remarkably clear waters teeming with colourful marine life and landscapes of historic plantations create a picture postcard destination.


Shroud Cay, The Exumas

The Exuma chain comprises of approximately 365 islands and cays, making them a yacht chartering paradise. One such secluded island is Shroud Cay, an uninhabited cay at the north-end of The Exumas, featuring a hallow tidal mangrove salt pan enclosed by rocks. Idly meander around the small cay and you’ll have your pick of an array of pristine white-sand beaches to drop anchor for a gentle swim, and even get your crew to set-up a beach picnic onshore for a postcard-perfect champagne lunch. The island is part of the Exuma National Park and all boats must abide by the 'no wake' regulations as they explore to avoid disturbing marine life – if anything, making the beaches here even more tranquil. 


Great Guana Cay, The Abacos

Stretching more than 7 miles, Great Guana Cay boasts an outstanding expanse of coral-white beach considered unsurpassed by all who have visited. This long cay is only reached by boat, and with little amenities onshore or in land many visitors are put off; little do they know that as soon you step onto the beaches on the Atlantic side of Guana that your feet will be enveloped in the softest sands and crystalline waters. Dotted with mini rock formations, the beach offers exciting exploration opportunities, or for those looking to catch the sun, miles of perfect sunbathing spots. A great way to explore the beautiful environment and miles of Guana Cay whilst you’re at anchor is on your charter yacht's kayak, so drop-anchor, jump-in and paddle the empty pristine waters. 

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day 3

Tahiti Beach, Great Abacos

Curving south off Elbow Cay is the secluded gem Tahiti Beach. Lined with coconut trees before arcing out into the clear Caribbean waters, this stretch of powered-sand is best visited just before sunrise for breath-taking 360° sea views on an equally beautiful - and empty - beach. As the tide ebbs Tahiti’s white sands are revealed inch by inch, creating a spectacular sandbank that curves into the turquoise waters, leaving an abundance of shells, starfish and sand dollars to admire. Tahiti beach is a great beach to take in the sun and sand of the Abaco and the shallow balmy waters are perfect for taking a morning dip before carrying on your day of discovery in the Bahamas. To avoid the hurricane season and to ensure your vacation is as idyllic as possible, visit between November and April - despite this the Bahamas enjoys more than 300 days of sunshine a year. 


Lighthouse Beach, Eleuthera

A derelict lighthouse tops the final spur of rock on Eleuthera Island, and leading back beside its left flank lies the unspoiled, aptly named, Lighthouse Beach. This long, wide pink-sand beach is extremely picturesque especially at sunset when the sun slowly drops casting a pink halo around the old lighthouse. Anchoring your charter yacht on the west side you’ll discover this beach to yourselves, allowing you to use the large shaded areas amongst the cliffs to cool down and rest in complete privacy. For those looking to jump off your yacht for a bit of exploration, the two little islands that are situated just off the tip of the lighthouse headland are perfect snorkelling spots guaranteed to thrill.


Dean’s Blue Hole, Long Island

For a salt-water swimming pool, with tepid, calm waters that run 203-metres deep, teeming with tropical fish, turtles, and marine creatures which lie too deep to be seen, Dean’s Blue Hole makes its subsequent beach the most exhilarating and mysterious beach to visit in the Bahamas. This underwater enigma is the deepest blue hole in the world and is enclosed on 3 sides by a natural rock amphitheatre making it appear ever-more ominously enticing. Discover the turquoise lagoon and white-washed sand beach at sunrise to miss the crowds. Swim to the coral caves and sand banks on the side of the entrance which harbour all kinds of marine life before daring to swim over the hole as your breath is taken away. If you wish to remain securely seated on your yacht or on the beach and admire Dean’s Blue Hole over breakfast, this is a truly unforgettable beach in both appearance and experience that is unbeatable on a Bahamas charter. 


Acklins and Crooked Island

Away from the Bahamas main tourist traps, the Acklin and Crooked Islands are the perfect islands to discover on your private yacht. Known as two of the more remote islands they are the Bahamas’ answer to ultimate privacy. Acklins’ rustic landscape offers sheltered beaches and coves ideal for tucking your yacht away and dropping anchor for an unperturbed day in the Caribbean sunshine. Crooked Island on the other hand is arguably one of the Bahamas best guarded secrets, boasting sparsely populated clearings for you to explore the natural surroundings in absolute peace. These primitive islands, having just gained access to public electricity in 1998, are ideal for those looking for a truly private getaway in some of the most unspoilt waters and deserted sands.